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The 3.5 inch model has a 40 mm travel. Made for important instrumentation and large diameter. Mounts the electronics of the Analogic_PC and then has a identical control characteristics. The robust mechanical supports large and heavy accessories with no problems. Usually replaces the main focuser. Inappropriately the focuser is called "Analogic", as in effect it is a product controlled by microcontroller then digital. It is called in this way because the motor, which drives the focuser, is a DC motor and not step-by-step, and also the focuser is devoid of the digital display of the altitude. Has a stroke of 40 mm and fits the system to focus, already present in every telescope, almost the totality of the Schmidt-Cassegrain, Ritchey-Chrétien, or similar configurations. Practical, very accurate, fast and simple, suitable for any situation. The engine is mated to a gearbox and the PWM control of MFA_PC, allow precise focus you may appreciate in any situation. The presence of a thermal probe (optional), to be applied externally or be inserted into the telescope, gives the possibility to control the ambient temperature, and possibly manually correct, the change in focal length caused by thermal expansion of its telescope. This model supports a load of about 10 kg max. (depending on the inclination of the telescope), such that they can support any ancillary equipment. The two pins dragging, where the effort is greater, are supported by 12 of the 20 stainless steel and anti rust bearing, ensuring a high fluidity of movement with the contact surface of the pins themselves. Natively has an electronic brake system, to prevent the hose from slipping under high loads in extreme inclinations. Comes with a 15 m length serial cable. Full compatibility with the Ascom platform V1. The new MicroFocuser adding an electronic brake system, to avoid that the tube could slip under high loads in extreme inclinations. 2013 newest hardware release
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