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Modello Big 35 - DIGITAL_NET

The 3.5 inch model has a 40 mm travel. Mounts the electronics of the Digital_Net and then has the identical control characteristics. The robust mechanical supports large and heavy accessories with no problems. Usually replaces the main focuser or apply in conjunction with the system's original focus of substantially all of the tools Schmidt-Cassegrain, Ritchey-Chrétien, Newtonians or very big refractors. The accuracy and high repeatability of the location makes it ideal for CCD imaging or high-resolution photography. The main features of the Micro Focuser DIGITAL NET are the micrometer precision, high repeatability of the desired position, the high weight of instrumentation and accessories bearable, about 15 Kg max., storing many shares as user-programmed and can also control more focusers, of the same type MicroFocuser Digital_Net is from 3.5 to 2 inch, from a single control box or from the computer. The focuser is controlled by two microprocessors, one inserted into the focuser and the other in the control box. A small but powerful motor stepper Arsape, controls the mechanical precision of the focuser and 20 stainless steel bearings, rust resistent, ensure maximum fluidity without affecting the load power applied. The decision to use a type of communication between the focuser and the control box is that through the RS485 communication port, you can control the focuser, up to a distance to 500 meters from the PC, these unique characteristics of its kind. By using the PC functions are expanded, for example traveling micrometer can be stored by creating their own reference dimensions, within the supplied software, fully compatible with the Ascom platform. For example, for a series of filters is possible, store the location and assign a name to each filter, reusing the same position for the corresponding filter. Another useful function is that, using the temperature probe including, of focuse and store the quota to each temperature variation, creating a graph of the thermal reference, to use it in subsequent observations. Compatibility with the Ascom platform V1, allows auto-focus, using software suitable for this purpose. 2013 newest hardware release
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