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Newton model - Analogic_PC

The focuser is incorrectly called Analogic, since it is controlled by a microcontroller. It gets its name from the DC motor, instead of being a stepper one. This focuser has not the read out system display. The total travel distance is 40 mm. The focuser can be linked to the focusing systems of almost all Newtonians or similar telescopes on retail sale. It is practical, very precise, easy and quick, suitable in every situation. The motor, linked to a reducer and to the PWM controller, permits a precise focusing you can appreciate in any situation. and 14 high quality rust resistent ballbearings, ensure maximum fluidity without undermining the power of load applied. An external probe (optional), which can be applied externally or internally the telescope, enables monitoring of environmental temperature. Thanks to the probe, it is possible to correct the focal length variations manually, caused by the thermal expansion of the telescope. This model supports a load of nearly 3,2 /4,8 Kg (depending on the telescope inclination), which is enough to support your accessories with the maximum accuracy. The leading pin where there is a greater strain, is supported by two roller bearings that greatly increase the contact surface. Our focuser supports the Ascom protocol. The compatibility with the Ascom platform enables the auto focus, using proper software for this purpose.
The drive pin, where the effort is greater, is supported by six ball bearings antirust, ensuring a high fluidity of movement with the contact surface of the pin itself. The new MicroFocuser adding an electronic brake system, to avoid that the tube could slip under high loads in extreme inclinations. 2013 newest hardware release
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