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Schmidt-Cassegrain model - DIGITAL_NET

The Digital_Net for S/C has a mechanical shift travel of 20 mm, it is applied in combination with the original system of focus of the almost totality of the catadioptric instruments or refractors on the market. The accuracy and high repeatability of position, making it ideal for shooting high-resolution CCD. The main features of MicroFocuser Digital_Net are the micrometer precision, high repeatability of the desired position, the high weight of equipment and accessories bearable, about 5 kg, storing many shares as user-programmed and can operate even more focusers , the same type MicroFocuser Digital_Net, from a single control box and computer. The focuser is controlled by two microprocessors, one inserted into the focuser and the other in the control box. A micro stepper motor controls the mechanical precision of the focuser and 14 high quality rust resistent ball bearings, ensure maximum fluidity without undermining the power of load applied. The use of 485 protocol for the communication between the focuser and the control box, is via the 4-wire RS485 communication port that allows to control the MicroFocuser also very distant from the telescope, up to a maximum of 500 mt, these unique characteristics in its kind. All MicroFocuser are fully compatible with the Ascom platform. By using the PC functions of the focuser will expand such movements can be stored in a file, creating their own units of reference, within the control software. The possibility of saving shares, within the software, for example, may serve to give an exact location for a specific filter, re-using the same, for the corresponding filter when needed. Another useful function is that of using the temperature probe (optional), to create a graph thermal reference to the share, in order to use in subsequent observations. Compatibility with the Ascom platform V1, allows auto-focus, using software suitable for this purpose. If there was the need to have more of a focuser, in its instrumentation system, such as more instruments in parallel or more telescopes neighbors to be checked, you can use a single control box and more MicroFocuser Digital_Net, one for each optical be controlled through a single serial port or USB port (with an optional converter): This is another useful feature and one of MicroFocuser Digital_Net, which distinguishes them from all astro-focusers of precision for astromer amateurs. 2013 newest hardware release
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